The awareness about the advantages of threading is growing at a fast pace.

Even though its popularity in the west is increasing rapidly, all major practitioners offer it alongside the waxing as one of the techniques to shape the eyebrows.

Most of the service providers operate from either England or Dublin and have little or no indication of local preferences.


With a vast and varied experience of over two decades in threading and the awareness and understanding of the local preferences we felt we could offer the people of Northern Ireland a truly international experience with local flavour.

We endeavour to differentiate ourselves as a first choice provider of professional services of the highest quality but with a true human feel. In our attempt to live up to our values, we seek a continuous feedback from our esteemed patrons.


Facial is a face massage aided by herbal / chemical crèmes and face packs. Massage, since time immemorial, has been used as a technique to release muscular tension and to rejuvenate the body.

What a massage does to the body, facial does to the face. It, in fact is a gentle non-invasive technique for looking younger. It is a precise face care modality that involves working on the face systematically to release deep-seated tensions thereby, freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue so that there is space for the muscles to relax. Although it is difficult to stave off the ageing process, we can do much to extend the appearance of youth and beauty by using simple, natural and effective massage techniques and energy balancing to take care of the assets we possess.


While all our facials relax and smoothen the skin, help prevent wrinkles, dark circles , pimples and acne; provide a facial glow & lift; rejuvenate the skin, herbal facials are particularly for soft and smooth skin; fruit facials add glow to the skin; and gold facials have anti-wrinkle properties.

Champi or the North Indian Head Massage is an oil based head massage technique designed to work on the hair roots. We use special oil that is made from 9 different herbs and helps relieve tension, head ache, restlessness, tiredness, itching, dandruff and migraine.


Maalish or the North Indian Body massage is oil based body massage technique. It is being used since centuries, by the body builders and wrestlers, not only to strengthen their muscles but also as a relief for muscular aches. In the same tradition, our back massage is designed to strengthen back muscles and relieve them of muscular tensions and aches.

Mehndi or henna tattoo is the traditional cerimonial Indian art of decorating the palms, forearms and feet especially during weddings and Indian festivals like Diwali and karva chauth.


Mehndi is a natural dye and is also also applied to hair. It 100% natural, chemical free and dyes the hair brownish red. It has cooling and soothing effect on the scalp.