About Us


Jay has a natural flair for threading. She was a little school going kid when she started shaping the eyebrows of her family and friends, using the thread. Since then she has mastered the art of creating the perfect arch. What started as a hobby soon became her passion. Nothing pleases her more than the creation of perfectly shaped and well nurtured brows. With the thread in her hands, she first provides the magical shape to the eyebrows and then nurtures them using quality tint powders and gels to enhance their appearance. As she says, “nothing uplifts the face more than the perfectly shaped, nurtured and groomed eyebrows”.

Jay is extremely lively, enthusiastic and friendly person who oozes passion and positivity. Her work ethics and sincerity has helped her develop a vast client base in Belfast despite the fact that she started practicing her skills in the town in early 2010.

About threading


Threading (sootran) is the ancient Asian art of hair removal that plucks the hair at the follicle level using a thread (sootr), thereby providing long lasting effect. It is quicker than tweezers as it operates on a row of hairs. It is more precise than waxing as it gives the technician more control.