Testimonials – Threading



Just been for my 1st appointment today….tweezers beware, you’re gonna be history soon!!!

Karen Gordon

had threading and extensions done before my holiday to France…totally fabulous job…im def goin to continue wth these 2 treats…changed the whole look of my face…dont av doubts..just do it…ull never regret it..


Julieann Goodall

Jay! Thanks so much for fixing my brows! I am forever grateful!

Shama Alam

Having had my brows waxed and threaded by numerous people over the years I finally found the delightful and talented Jay!

Every visit with Jay is like the first. Jay discusses what shape you are hoping to achieve and if you are happy with them at that time. My brows have never looked as good and would give the celebs a run for their money!

I am looking forward to my next appointment already.

Alice Kitchen

I have had a problem with facial hair since my teens, I am lucky that I am fair, but that didnt stop me feeling like I had a beard when the sun would hit my face just so. Make-up didnt sit right and I was always self-conscious. Over the years I have tried lazer, electrolysis and waxing with varying results. I discovered Jay a few months ago and I can safely say I will never go back to any of those other methods! Threading is my new best friend – and Jay is a great practitioner! She is approachable and professional – a rare combination. She takes such care in her threading that I come away from a treatment feeling 100% better about my appearance. My eyebrows have never looked so good! I find threading less painful than waxing – and if you have fake tan it wont pull it off! I have to say I am a convert now, it’s just a pity it took me 36 years to discover this method of hair removal!

Geri Savage

Called on friday for the first time,very pleased with the results n the price,n will definately be back 🙂

Jude Tierney

Had my eyebrows tinted and threaded today by Jay and my eyelashes tinted and the results were amazing im really over the moon! I was soo pleased I took her business cards to my hairsalon and told all of my customers to visit her! thanks a million I’ll definately be bk x.

Catherine Young



I discovered this amazing technique a few months ago, and it beats everything else by far. Creams, waxing, electrolysis and laser treatment don’t come close.

Threading is so natural and uncomplicated, which is brilliant for me as I have very sensitive skin. My skin feels so soft and clean after each treatment, I wish I had heard about it years ago. Growth is noticeably reduced after each treatment, and my eyebrows have never looked so good.

Jay is an extremely talented young lady, and she makes you feel so comfortable with her friendly personality.


Deborah Brinkley

I used to get my face / eyebrows waxed but hated the way I looked & felt after a week. With threading the regrowth feels natural & looks natural. Jay is lovely – so friendly & accommodating & will always do her best to fit you in.
My friends notice the shape of my eyebrows & ask how I get them so perfect!!
The result Jay can achieve with a piece of thread is amazing!!


When I first saw threading being done I never imagined that it would be my choice of
eyebrow shaping/hair removal!

I have been having threading done now for around a year and the difference is
incredible. The shape is totally different to what I have experienced in the past
with waxing and tweezing. The shape is more natural and the skin is so soft and

My face is now framed with the extraordinary talent of Jay and a spool of cotton!

I would recommend threading at Jay’s Brow Bar to anyone!

Lesley McMurtry

I have been having threading done for years.

After having my brows threaded for the first time, I knew I would never return to waxing……….and I haven’t.
The benefits of threading , is that it shapes your eye beautifully and it does not traumatise your skin in anyway.

I tend to make my appointment with Jay on the same day I’m having my haircut, and I would go as far to say that my appointment with Jay is just as important as having my hair cut.

She checks with you, what your preference is in terms of shape.
She will advise you on what shape is best for your face.
She deals sensitively with other threading requirements, EG Top Lip, full facial threading…..which is a great treat particularly during the summer months when you have a tan.

I love having this traditional Indian Beauty Treatment and it never ceases to amaze me the precision and skill required and Jay makes it seem so effortless.
Jay is welcoming , and is genuinely pleased to see you when you visit her salon.
My appointment is never rushed and like your hairdresser, enjoys a chat and a catch up from your last appointment.

I would thoroughly recommend threading to everyone

Like me you will never go back to waxing !!

Sandra (Co. Antrim)

Sandra Condron